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Thank you for requesting an application for a License to Hawk, Peddle or Solicit in the Town of Clarkstown pursuant to Chapter 208 of the Town Code.

In an effort to facilitate your application process my staff has prepared this packet to guide you through the process. Please bear in mind that door-to-door selling without a license in Clarkstown is prohibited and is vigorously enforced by the Clarkstown Police Department.

The Town Board has installed the application requirements in order to protect our residents. Please display your badge and identify yourself as a licensee. I would also encourage you to respect private property and heed any and all "No Solicitors" or "No Trespassing" signs. Please be aware the Town of Clarkstown has a "No Knock Registry" . You are required to be in possession of an up to date list and not visit these residences.

Enclosed you will find the following:
1.) A Checklist to guide you through the process
2.) An Application Form
3.) Procedures to obtain background check. You must take background check application to Clarkstown Police Department, 20 Maple Avenue, New City, NY prior to turning in application.
4.) A complete copy of the text of Chapter 208

Incomplete applications will be returned. Please review, sign and date the checklist and fulfill all the requirements prior to submitting your application. This will expedite the issuance of your license.