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Fire Permits

Do you Require an Annual Fire Permit?

Under the Clarkstown Town Code (T.C. 143-11), certain types of occupancies require an annual Fire Permit to operate. This permit must be applied for during the month of January for the coming year. This permit will be issued only after an inspection has been made to ensure compliance with fire codes. The following are the types of occupancies which must file for the annual permit and pay the appropriate fees:

  • Bowling Alleys, Pin Refinishing & Alley Resurfacing
  • Dry Cleaning
  • Explosives
  • Flammable Liquid
  • Garage & Service Stations
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Junk Yard
  • Liquefied Petroleum Gas
  • Lumber Yard
  • Multiple Residence
    • Condominium not having common hallways, common basements or attics per building
    • All other multiple residences including condominium ownership - (3 to 6 units)
    • Each additional unit
  • Place of assembly (public assembly) persuant to the following table: (capacity in persons)
0 to 100
101 to 300
301 to 600
601 to 1000
1001 to 2000
Over   2000
  • Storage of readily combustible materials, welding or cutting
  • Burning permit (land clearing operations)
  • Subject to Rockland County Health Dept. approval
    • Business:
    • Mercantile:
    • Industrial:
    • Storage:
    1. Buildings which contain only one tenant for occupant
    2. Buildings which contain more than one tenant without common areas in building (per tenant)
    3. Areas in building (per tenant):
    • Buildings which contain more than one tenant with common areas in building (per tenant - from the landlord for common areas)
    • Mercantile buildings which are classified as a mall (each tenant - from the landlord for common areas)

The tenant is responsible for obtaining the annual permit for his establishment and the landlord is responsible for obtaining his permit for common areas where applicable.

Application Forms and Fee Schedule are available by calling (845) 639-2100.