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West Nyack , Central Nyack & Nyack

At the Nyack, West Nyack & Central Nyack Hamlet Area Workshop, participants were asked to provide ideas regarding seven focus topics, each dealing with a different aspect of the Comprehensive Plan:

  • Economic Development
  • Environmental Resources
  • Health, Safety & Welfare
  • Historic & Cultural Resources
  • Housing
  • Recreation, Parks & Open Space
  • Transportation

Verbal comments were recorded on large notepads as each topic was discussed and during a final "wrap-up" session at the end of the evening. The public also submitted written comments at the workshop.

The following is a list of verbatim comments:

Focus Session Verbatim Comment
Economic Dev. Tax increases (30% over 5 years) may price people out of the area.
Economic Dev. Ability to afford to live here.
Economic Dev. Retirement-may not be able to remain in Town.
Economic Dev. Youth may not be able to afford to return/remain in Town.
Economic Dev. Maintain affordability.
Economic Dev. Privatization of some services - mini-golf.
Economic Dev. Encourage growth/new small businesses-"bring back downtown".
Economic Dev. Avoid large business (Walmart).
Economic Dev. Examine tax consequences of Comprehensive Plan goals and objectives.
Economic Dev. Innovative strategies to balance economic and quality of life issues i.e. Nanuet SD acquisition at St. Agatha's.
Economic Dev. Embargo commercial development on Route 304 from Bardonia Rd. to New City-avoid another Route 59.
Economic Dev. Concentration of adult business vicinity Route 59 and Route 303 - does not exist in other hamlets.
Economic Dev. Consider other studies which have been done - truck movement study.
Economic Dev. Permit condition enforcement for new/existing business.
Economic Dev. Traffic issues - commuter traffic thru residential areas (Doscher Ave.)
Env. Resources Lighting on too long @ West Nyack Park.
Env. Resources Fresh water supply - United Water NY vs. NJ.
Env. Resources Dredge Lake DeForest to increase capacity.
Env. Resources Additional construction reduces watershed.
Env. Resources No construction in floodplains.
Env. Resources Educate on how to reduce run-off, regulations on total impervious surface.
Env. Resources Potential purchase of Lake Deforest to control water supply.
Env. Resources Air quality issues to be considered with other development issues - commercial, residential and Town.
Env. Resources Avoid /preclude development in/of wetlands.
Env. Resources Need Environmental Review Board - answer to Town Board, advisory to Planning Board and others.
Env. Resources Create environmental conservation zones.
Env. Resources Consider higher design storms regarding flow capacities - 500 year vs. 100 year.
Env. Resources Project for future conditions.
Env. Resources Provide feedback on impact of drainage projects done by Town.
Env. Resources Deal with O & R clear cut and require clean-up behind themselves.
Env. Resources Investigate limiting tree removal.
Health S & W Inform residents of their role in the event of need to enact EAP for Lake Deforest Dam.
Health S & W Town to enforce that EAP is followed by United Water of NY.
Health S & W Evaluate how flooding impacts ability to evacuate areas - Route 59/303, Old Mill Road. All east/west routes.
Health S & W Odors from compost site, content of it/potential health issue?
Health S & W Dust/dirt.
Health S & W Raw sewage escaping system during flooding (Jeffrey Court, Old Mill Road and Strawtown Road).
Health S & W Odor from transfer stations - Route 303 and Western Highway.
Health S & W Issuance of special permits-reduce issuance or add additional standards for issuance.
Hist. Cult. Res. Develop focal point for hamlet.
Housing Do not need additional housing/building, need more trees/open space.
Housing Preserve neighborhood character - avoid McMansion construction where appropriate.
Housing Multi-family homes in single family zone - enforcement needed.
Housing Additional expense of multi-family homes in single family zone that does not generate additional revenue.
Housing Prohibition/enforcement of commercial equipment in residential areas.
Housing Outside storage of junk cars and other materials. Unlicensed vehicles/boats/junk/sheds.
Housing Volunteer housing for emergency services (Orangetown - Camp Shanks).
Housing Tax breaks for volunteers.
Parks & Rec. Cost of membership at parks (Lake Nanuet).
Parks & Rec. Open space should be left in it's natural state (no lights).
Parks & Rec. Rockland County Center for the Arts site (10 acres) - purchase for open space. Add to Buttermilk Falls.
Parks & Rec. Development set aside percentage of parcel for open space.
Parks & Rec. Town should be pro-active to approach sellers where parcel is adjacent to open space.
Parks & Rec. No need for Lazy River @ Germonds Park.
Parks & Rec. Add foul netting at Germonds fields to contain stray balls - keep kids from having to go into woods.
Parks & Rec. Keep Town facilities (pools) for Town residents.
Parks & Rec. Fees for development (environmental footprint) to be set aside for open space acquisition.
Parks & Rec. Increase parkland percentage acreage.
Transportation Improve intersection @ Route 59 ramp @ West Nyack Rd.
Transportation Footpath/sidewalk - Nyack to Palisades Mall.
Transportation Put commuter lots on high ground.
Transportation Study actual usage of commuter lots - Route 303/59.
Transportation Investigate CSX Bridge replacement.
Transportation CSX cargo types on freight line.
Transportation Put sidewalks on both sides of roads.
Transportation Develop internal sidewalks @ Palisades Mall.
Transportation Tappan Zee Bridge Corridor - (Town must be pro-active on these issues. Be involved in process).
Transportation FAA flight path(s) - (Town must be pro-active on these issues. Be involved in process).
Transportation Consider moratorium on large business on Western Highway pending traffic on Western Highway resolution.
Transportation Traffic enforcement on Western Highway/West Nyack Road/Doscher Ave/Old Mill Road.
Transportation Add e-mail - list service to inform of emergency and Town meetings/functions.
Transportation Move commercial traffic from hamlet roads to highways (Western Highway/Sickletown/Old Mill).
Transportation Eliminate short cutting.
Transportation Sign enforcement.
Transportation Look at big picture to keep major traffic to major roads - inter-municipal coordination..
Transportation Road cleanliness - litter/debris - Route 59/303/all.
Transportation Innovative ways to foster hamlet pride/cleanliness.
Written Comments
Get after United Water about their Emergency Action Plan. What is our role? Who notifies the Town and then us?