Department of Engineering and Facilities Management


The Department of Environmental Control of the Town of Clarkstown consists of the office of Town Engineer, Sanitary Sewer Maintenance Department, and The Closed Sanitary Landfill.

As the Town Engineer's Office, the Department performs as staff technical advisor to the Town Board, the Planning Board, and the Zoning Board of Appeals. In this area, the Department is responsible for the review of land subdivisions, commercial site developments, and building permit applications for technical sufficiency, with respect to public improvements. The Department is also responsible for planning, designing, and construction oversight of public works construction projects funded by the Town of Clarkstown as sanitary sewer maintenance operations are conducted on Town of Clarkstown owned sewer mains, laterals, manholes, and pump stations. Maintenance functions include sewer cleaning, manhole repairs, pump station maintenance, and emergency response.

The Department also oversees the maintenance of the closed sanitary landfill, municipal service contracts for residential garbage collection, residential recycling, and residential bulk waste collection are also overseen by the Department.

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