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Licenses & Permits

Marriage Licenses:

  • Licenses are issued Monday through Friday between 9 am and 4 pm - No appointment necessary
  • Both parties must be over 18
  • Fee: $40.00
  • A person is required to establish proof of age and identity by submitting to the issuing clerk one each of the following types of documents:

Choose one of the following age related documents:

    1. Birth Certificate (Original/Certified copy, with notarized translation if in a foreign language)
    2. Baptismal record(Original/Certified copy, with notarized translation if in a foreign language)
    3. Naturalization record
    4. Census record

And choose one of the following identity related documents:

    1. Driver's license
    2. Passport
    3. Employment picture ID
    4. Immigration record
  • Both applicants must come in person.
  • Any previously married persons must provide date of death or copy of divorce papers, whichever is applicable.
  • There is a 24 hour waiting period before license can be used and the license is good for 60 days (license is good for 180 days when proof is shown that one of the applicants is a member of the armed Forces of the United States)

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Death Certificates & Birth Certificates:

  • If person died or was born in Clarkstown, certificate will be on file in this office.
  • Copies are available to next of kin at $10 per certified copy

Dog Licenses: Dog license instructions - Dog license application

Why are dogs licensed in New York State?

Aside from being a New York State Law that dogs are to be licensed, the following are some legitimate benefits to licensing:

  • Licensing provides each dog a unique identification number that is permanent for the life of the dog. This numbering system has been proven to be efficient and essential means of identifying a particular dog and the owner.
  • Licensing provides an avenue through which there is an initial and continuing protection against Rabies through the requirement of a current Rabies vaccination at the time of licensing and renewal. The copy of Rabies vaccination certificate, on file in a clerk’s office, may provide the only source of crucial information in a dog bite incident.

What dogs must be licensed

Every dog owned or harbored in New York State for more than 30 days with the following exceptions:

  • Dogs less than 4 months of age not running at large (off the owner’s property).
  • A non-resident brings their currently licensed dog into New York for less than 30 Days.
  • Dogs confined to the premises of any public or private animal hospital or research institution.
  • Dogs harbored by a federally licensed “class A dealer” possessing a New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets Exemption Certificate.


  1. Multi- Year Licenses - for 1,2 or 3 years a rabies Vaccination is required for the length of the license.
  2. NY State AG & Markets no longer accepts a 2 year rabies vaccination. Per AG & Markets, 2 year rabies vaccinations are to be converted to a 3 year rabies vaccination.
  3. Rabies Vaccination Length will now only be 1 year, 3 years or exempt a rabies Exemption is valid for only one year from the date on the exemption Certificate. A dog too young for rabies vaccination is considered exempt.
  4. Fee is $5.00 for spayed/neutered dog, $13.00 for unsprayed / unneutered

Conservation Licenses:

  • Must be 16 (special requirements for younger ages)
  • Must have the required hunter education courses (not required for Fishing License)
  • Must produce a NYS drivers license or non-driver's ID
  • Fees vary depending on type of license
    Hunting Fees
    Fishing Fees

Handicap Parking Permits:

For a permanent condition, you must submit a NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles application (available at our office) which has been filled out by your physician.

For temporary condition, you must submit a NYS Dept. of Motor Vehicles application (available at our office) which has been filled out by your physician stating expected date of recovery. Temporary permits can be issued for up to 6 months.

Must show drivers license or a mail a copy with the application.


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