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Jose Simoes
Principal Planner

Office Phone - (845) 639-2070

Functions of Planning Board and Department

The Planning Board has been delegated by the Town Board, under the New York State statute know as Town Law, Sections 271, 274a, 276, 277 and by various ordinances, local laws and regulations enacted by the Town Board, to review and approve land subdivisions, site developments, and certain special permit applications, to propose and prepare the Town's Comprehensive Plan, and to recommend to the Town Board or Zoning Board of Appeals on those matters referred to the Planning Board by said Boards.

The Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) acts as the professional staff to the Board. It reviews and makes recommendations on the technical aspects of applications for land subdivision, site development and special permits, as well as other matters referred to the Board.

The Planning Department has a full time staff, performing all of the administrative functions associated with Planning Board and Technical Advisory Committee activity, provides information relating to town planning, and land use to the public. Copies of applications and forms follow.

The State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) is legislation intended to incorporate the consideration of environmental factors into the planning, review, and decision-making processes of State, regional, and local government agencies at the earliest possible time. All development proposals are subject to the SEQR review process. The forms used for the process to start SEQR are available and are submitted to the Department of Environmental Control. The Planning Consultant and Department of Environmental Control act as Technical staff for the Planning Board for SEQR.

After the SEQR process is begun, applications are filed with the Planning Department as necessary with distribution made to all involved and public agencies. The matter is scheduled for TAC for Town staff review and when found to be ready is placed on agenda for the Planning Board.




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