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Street Name City
Loose Leaf Route #
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(A listing of all streets on your route)
S Brookhill Dr West Nyack
S Brookside Dr Nanuet
S Conger Ave Congers
S Cranford Rd Nanuet
S Delaware Dr Central Nyack
S Edsall Ave Nanuet
S Fremont Ave Nanuet
S Grant Ave Congers
S Greenbush Rd West Nyack
S Harrison Ave Congers
S Lexow Ave Nanuet
S Little Tor (Red Hill Rd to New Hempstead Rd) New City
S Little Tor Rd (Red Hill Rd to Germonds Rd) New City
S Main St New City
S Middletown Rd (Orangetown line to Route 59 ) Nanuet
S Mountain Rd (N Little Tor Rd to Old Route 304) New City
S Mountain Rd (N Little Tor Rd to Ramapo line) New City
S Park Ave Nanuet
S Park Ln Nanuet
S Park Ter (Five Oaks Ln north to end) Congers
S Park Ter (Five Oaks Ln to Pinetree Ln) Congers
S Pascack Rd Nanuet
S Pine Ave Congers
S Rockland Ave Congers
Sable Ct West Nyack
Saddle Ln New City
Saint Anthony Ave Nanuet
Salem Rd New City
Samantha Way West Nyack
Sandpiper Dr West Nyack
Sandstone Trl New City
Sandusky Rd New City
Saratoga Ct Nanuet
Sasson Ter Valley Cottage
Saw Mill Rd New City
Saxon Ln West Nyack
Saxony Ct New City
Sayer Ct West Nyack
Saymor Dr Bardonia
Scales Rd West Nyack
Scandia Rd Congers
Scarlett Ct New City
Scenic Vista Dr New City
Scher Dr New City
School Ln New City
Schriever Ln New City
Schuyler Rd Central Nyack
Schweitzer Ln Bardonia
Scotland Hill Park Nanuet
Scotland Hill Rd Nanuet
Scott Dr New City
Scotty Ln West Nyack
Scratchup Rd New City
Second Ave Nanuet
Second St Congers
Second St New City
Sedge Rd Valley Cottage
Senate Ct New City
Seneca Ct New City
Sequoia Dr Valley Cottage
Settlers Ct New City
Seven Oaks Ln Nanuet
Seymour Dr New City
Shady Ln New City
Shady Ln Bardonia
Shadybrook Ln New City
Shagbark Ct New City
Sharon Dr New City
Shear Court Nanuet
Sheridan Ave Congers
Sherman Ave Congers
Sherry Dr Valley Cottage
Sherwood Cir Nanuet
Sherwood Dr Nanuet
Sherwood Rd Congers
Shetland Dr New City
Shore Rd New City
Short Hill Rd New City
Short St West Nyack
Sickletown Rd West Nyack
Sidney Dr Nanuet
Sierra Vista Ln Valley Cottage
Silver Birch Ln Nanuet
Simkin Dr New City
Sky Dr New City
Sleepy Hollow Dr Congers
Smith Rd Nanuet
Smith St Nanuet
Snake Hill Rd West Nyack
Snedecker Ave Congers
Snowdrop Dr New City
Sophia Dr West Nyack
South Ln New City
Southerly Pl New City
Southward Ave Congers
Spirea Ln New City
Split Rock Ct West Nyack
Spray Ct Nanuet
Spring Brook Rd Nanuet
Spring Rd Valley Cottage
Spruce Ct Nanuet
Spruce Dr Nanuet
Spruce Dr New City
Spruce Ln West Nyack
Spruce St Nanuet
Spur Dr Nanuet
Squadron Blvd New City
Squirrelwood Ct New City
Stanley Rd New City
Stark Ln Valley Cottage
State St Congers
Steep Hill Rd Nanuet
Stegmayer Ln New City
Stephany Ct Bardonia
Stephen Ct New City
Sterling Pl New City
Stern Pl Congers
Stetson Ct New City
Still Pond Ter West Nyack
Stockton Rd Valley Cottage
Stokum Ln New City
Stone Ct Congers
Stonehedge Dr West Nyack
Stonewall Ln Congers
Stonlea Ct Nanuet
Stony Hill Ln West Nyack
Storms Rd Valley Cottage
Stratford Pl New City
Strathmore Dr New City
Strawberry Hill Ln West Nyack
Strawberry Hill Rd West Nyack
Strawtown Rd (Brewery Rd to Congers Rd) New City
Strawtown Rd (Brewery Rd to West Nyack Rd) West Nyack
Sturbridge Ct Nanuet
Sugarhill Rd Central Nyack
Summer Ct Nanuet
Summerset Dr Central Nyack
Summit Dr New City
Sundbury Dr New City
Sunnybank Dr Nanuet
Sunrise Ave New City
Sunset View Dr West Nyack
Surim Ct Nanuet
Surrey Ct Nanuet
Surrey Ct New City
Surrey Ln New City
Susan Dr (Sundbury Dr east to end) New City
Susan Dr (Sundbury Dr to Diane Dr) New City
Sussex Ct Central Nyack
Svahn Dr Valley Cottage
Svensson Pl Nanuet
Sycamore Dr New City
Sylvan Ln New City
Sylvia Ter Nanuet

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The dates for pick up are estimated and can change daily due to weather conditions, equipment problems or unanticipated heavy leaf accumulation in any given area. Please check this schedule regularly for updates before you put your loose leaves out to the curb. Only loose and bagged leaves are picked up. Do not mix yard waste in with leaves.

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