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Street Name City
Loose Leaf Route #
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(A listing of all streets on your route)
Radcliff Dr New City
Railroad Ave Congers
Rainbow Ct New City
Raleigh Dr New City
Ralphs Ave New City
Ramclark Ln New City
Rammler Ln Bardonia
Randi Ln Congers
Randolph St Congers
Randy Ln New City
Raven Ter New City
Ravenswood Ct West Nyack
Red Hill Rd New City
Red Rock Rd New City
Redwood Ct Nanuet
Regina Ct Congers
Reginald Dr Congers
Reina Ct Valley Cottage
Reina Ln Valley Cottage
Renee Ln Bardonia
Renfrew Rd New City
Rennert Ln Bardonia
Renwood Ct New City
Reservoir Dr New City
Rexal Ct New City
Rheinlander Ln New City
Richard Dr West Nyack
Richard St Central Nyack
Ridge Rd (Congers Rd to Old Route 304) New City
Ridge Rd (Highway Ave to Lake Rd, VC) Valley Cottage
Ridgefield Rd New City
Rinne Rd Nanuet
Rise Rd New City
River Rise Rd New City
Rob Ct Nanuet
Robert Ct Nanuet
Robert Pl Nanuet
Roberts Rd New City
Robin Ct Congers
Robin Ln Nanuet
Robin Ln West Nyack
Robin Pl Nanuet
Robinhood Ln New City
Rochelle Dr New City
Rock Dr Valley Cottage
Rockford Dr West Nyack
Rockland Ave Nanuet
Rockland Ave New City
Rockland Lake Rd (Kings Hwy to Route 303) Valley Cottage
Rockland Lake Rd (Route 303 to Route 9W) Valley Cottage
Rockwell Rd Nanuet
Rockwood Ter New City
Rodeo Dr New City
Roland Ct Nanuet
Rolling Ridge Rd New City
Rolling Way New City
Rollingwood Dr New City
Rollingwood Way Valley Cottage
Roman Ct West Nyack
Roman Ter Congers
Rone Ct New City
Rookery Cir New City
Roosa Ln Congers
Roosevelt Pl New City
Rose Ct New City
Rose Rd (Route 59 to Townline Rd) West Nyack
Rose Rd (Route 59 to West Nyack Rd) West Nyack
Rosecrans Ave Congers
Roseland Ct New City
Rosemont Dr New City
Rosewood Dr New City
Roslyn Ln New City
Ross Ln New City
Route 303 (Storms Rd to Haverstraw line) Congers
Route 303 (Storms Rd to Orangetown line) West Nyack
Route 304 (Bardonia Rd to Germonds Rd) New City
Route 304 (Bardonia Rd to Route 59) New City
Route 304 (Congers Rd to Virginia St) New City
Route 304 (Germonds Rd to Virginia St) New City
Route 304 (Ridge Rd to Squadron Blvd ) New City
Route 304 (Route 303 to Ridge Rd) New City
Route 304 (Route 59 south to Town Border) New City
Route 304 (Squadron Blvd to Congers Rd) New City
Route 59 (Middletown Rd to Rose Rd) Nanuet
Route 59 (Middletown Rd to Spring Valley Border) Nanuet
Route 59 (Rose Rd to Sickletown Rd) West Nyack
Route 59 (Sickletown Rd to Route 303) West Nyack
Route 59 (Waldron Ave to Route 303) Central Nyack
Route 9W (Valley Cottage to Haverstraw line) Congers
Route 9W (Valley Cottage to Upper Nyack line) Valley Cottage
Rugby Rd New City
Ruhe Ln West Nyack
Running Brook Ln New City
Russet Rd Valley Cottage
Ruth Dr New City
Ruth St Congers

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The dates for pick up are estimated and can change daily due to weather conditions, equipment problems or unanticipated heavy leaf accumulation in any given area. Please check this schedule regularly for updates before you put your loose leaves out to the curb. Only loose and bagged leaves are picked up. Do not mix yard waste in with leaves.

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