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Street Name City
Loose Leaf Route #
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N Birch Dr Nanuet
N Conger Ave Congers
N Delaware Dr Central Nyack
N Edsall Ave Nanuet
N Fairview Ave Nanuet
N Fremont Ave Nanuet
N Grant Ave Congers
N Greenbush Rd West Nyack
N Harrison Ave Congers
N Highview Ave Nanuet
N Lexow Ave Nanuet
N Little Tor Rd (New Hempstead Rd to Phillips Hill Rd ) New City
N Little Tor Rd (Phillips Hill Rd north to Town Border) New City
N Main St (New Hempstead Rd to Zukor Rd) New City
N May Pl Nanuet
N Middletown Rd (Poplar St to Germonds Rd) Nanuet
N Middletown Rd (Poplar St to Route 59) Nanuet
N Park Ave Nanuet
N Park Ln Nanuet
N Park Ter Congers
N Pascack Rd (Lawrence St to Ramapo line) Nanuet
N Rockland Ave Congers
N Strawberry Hill Ln Valley Cottage
N Williams St New City
Nancy Dr New City
Nansen Ct New City
Nanuet Ave Nanuet
Nelson Ln Congers
Nelson Pl Nanuet
New City/Congers Rd New City
New Clarkstown Rd (West Clarkstown Rd south to RR track) Nanuet
New Haven Ave Nanuet
New Hempstead Rd New City
New Jersey Ave Congers
New Lake Rd Valley Cottage
New Valley Rd New City
New York Ave Congers
Newport Dr Nanuet
Nicholas Ct West Nyack
Nickolaus Ln Nanuet
Nier Pl Nanuet
Nirvana Ct Valley Cottage
Nob Hill Rd New City
Norfolk Ave Congers
Norge Ave Nanuet
Norlen Ln New City
Norman Pl West Nyack
North Ln New City
Northlyn Ct Bardonia
Norwood Pl Nanuet
Nuthatch Ln West Nyack
Nyack Ave Nanuet

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The dates for pick up are estimated and can change daily due to weather conditions, equipment problems or unanticipated heavy leaf accumulation in any given area. Please check this schedule regularly for updates before you put your loose leaves out to the curb. Only loose and bagged leaves are picked up. Do not mix yard waste in with leaves.

Town of Clarkstown 10 Maple Avenue, New City, NY 10956 (845) 639-2000
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