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Street Name City
Loose Leaf Route #
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(A listing of all streets on your route)
Lady Godiva Way New City
Lafayette Dr New City
Lake Dr (off Collyer Avenue) New City
Lake Nanuet Dr Nanuet
Lake Rd (Burnside Ave to Route 303) Congers
Lake Rd (by Lake Lucille) New City
Lake Rd (Kings Hwy to Route 303) Valley Cottage
Lake Rd (Old Haverstraw Rd to Burnside Ave) Congers
Lake Rd (Route 303 to Route 9W) Valley Cottage
Lake Rd (Route 303 to Vermont Ave) Congers
Lake Rd (Stonewall Ln to Old Haverstraw Rd) Congers
Lake Rd (Vermont Ave to Route 9W) Congers
Lake Shore Dr Nanuet
Lakeland Ave Congers
Lakeview Ct Congers
Lakeward Ave Congers
Lakewood Dr Congers
Lamborn Ave Congers
Landing Rd Valley Cottage
Lansdale Rd New City
Lansing Ct New City
Larch Ct West Nyack
Lariat Ct New City
Larkspur Ct New City
Lath Ln West Nyack
Laurel Rd Central Nyack
Laurel Rd New City
Lawnwood Pl New City
Lawrence St Congers
Lawrence St Nanuet
Lawrence St Central Nyack
Leeland Ct New City
Lenbar Cir New City
Lennox Way New City
Lenox Ave Congers
Leona Ave New City
Lexington Rd New City
Liberty Ave Congers
Liberty Cir New City
Lilac Ct Nanuet
Lily Ln Valley Cottage
Linda Ct Congers
Lindberg Ln New City
Linden Ct New City
Linden St Congers
Link Ct New City
Lisa Ct New City
Lisa Ln Nanuet
Lisa Ln New City
Little Brook Ln New City
Little Tor Oval New City
Lochness Ln New City
Loeser Dr Nanuet
Lombardi Dr New City
London Ter New City
Long Clove Rd New City
Long Meadow Dr New City
Loraine Dr New City
Loran Ct Nanuet
Lori Pl New City
Lorraine Ct New City
Louis Ave Valley Cottage
Louis Rd New City
Louise Dr Nanuet
Louise Dr West Nyack
Lowell Dr New City
Lowerre Pl Valley Cottage
Lucille Blvd New City
Ludvigh Rd Nanuet
Lupine Ct New City
Lyncrest Ave New City
Lynhaven Dr New City
Lynn St Nanuet
Lynne Dr New City

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The dates for pick up are estimated and can change daily due to weather conditions, equipment problems or unanticipated heavy leaf accumulation in any given area. Please check this schedule regularly for updates before you put your loose leaves out to the curb. Only loose and bagged leaves are picked up. Do not mix yard waste in with leaves.

Town of Clarkstown 10 Maple Avenue, New City, NY 10956 (845) 639-2000
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