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Street Name City
Loose Leaf Route #
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(A listing of all streets on your route)
Caesar Ct Congers
Cairngorm Rd New City
Cairnsmuir Ln New City
Calico Pl Congers
Candlelight Cir New City
Candlewood Ct New City
Capitol Ct New City
Capral Ln New City
Caravella Ln Nanuet
Cardinal Ct West Nyack
Carlann Ln Valley Cottage
Carley Ct West Nyack
Carlisle Ct New City
Carlton Ct New City
Carmen Dr Nanuet
Carnaby Ct New City
Carnation Dr Nanuet
Carol Pl New City
Carolina Dr New City
Carriage Ln Nanuet
Carriage Ln New City
Carrie Dr New City
Carrie Ln Nanuet
Casey Ct Nanuet
Casper Hill Rd Valley Cottage
Castle Hill Ln West Nyack
Catalpa Ct Bardonia
Catawba Ct West Nyack
Catawba Dr West Nyack
Cavalry Dr New City
Cayuga Ct Central Nyack
Cedar Rd Nanuet
Cedarcraft Ln New City
Cefolas Way Valley Cottage
Centenary Church Rd New City
Center Ln New City
Centerock Rd West Nyack
Central Ave Central Nyack
Central Ave Congers
Central Ave New City
Central Dr Nanuet
Central Hwy New City
Chaparral Rd Nanuet
Charles Blvd Valley Cottage
Charles St Nanuet
Chauncy St Congers
Chemong Ct Central Nyack
Cherry Hill Ln West Nyack
Chester Ave Congers
Chestnut Grove Ct New City
Chestnut Park Ct New City
Chestnut St Central Nyack
Chimney Ridge Dr Nanuet
Chisholm Ct Nanuet
Christian Herald Rd Valley Cottage
Christie Dr New City
Christopher Dr New City
Church St Nanuet
Cider Mill Ct New City
Cindy St Central Nyack
Circle Ct New City
City View Dr New City
Clark Dr Nanuet
Clark Pl New City
Clay St New City
Clearview Rd New City
Clearwater Ct Nanuet
Cleveland Ave Central Nyack
Clifford Ct Nanuet
Clifton Ct New City
Clinton Pl Nanuet
Clinton St Nanuet
Clover Ct New City
Clover Dr Nanuet
Clydesdale Ct New City
Colgate Dr Bardonia
College Ave Nanuet
Collingswood Rd New City
Collyer Ave New City
Collyer Ave Valley Cottage
Colonial Dr New City
Colt Ct New City
Colton St Congers
Columbus Ave Congers
Concord Dr New City
Congers Rd (Main St to Strawtown Rd) New City
Conklin Pl Valley Cottage
Conklin Rd New City
Connecticut Ct Valley Cottage
Conrad Ln New City
Continental Dr West Nyack
Convent Rd (Grandview Ave to Old Middletown Rd) Nanuet
Convent Rd (Grandview Ave to S. Pascack Rd ) Nanuet
Cooper Dr Nanuet
Cordes Ln Congers
Corinthian Rd New City
Cornell Dr Bardonia
Corners Rd Congers
Corporate Way Valley Cottage
Corral St Nanuet
Cortland Dr New City
Cosmos Ln New City
Cottage Ave Nanuet
Cottage Ln Valley Cottage
Cottage Pl Nanuet
Cottage Rd Valley Cottage
Cottonwood Ct Bardonia
Country Ridge Dr Valley Cottage
Courtney Dr New City
Crabapple Ln Nanuet
Cragmere Oval New City
Crambrook Rd New City
Cranford Dr New City
Cranford Rd Bardonia
Crescent Ct New City
Crescent Dr Nanuet
Crestwood Dr New City
Cricket Ct New City
Crieff Ln New City
Crikki Ln Nanuet
Crimson Ct Bardonia
Crosfield Ave West Nyack
Cross St New City
Crownlyn Ct Bardonia
Croyden Ln New City
Crum Creek Rd New City
Crusher Rd West Nyack
Crystal Ct Bardonia
Culver Dr New City
Cupsaw Ct Nanuet
Curtin Dr West Nyack
Cygnet Ln Valley Cottage
Cypress St New City
Cyr Ct New City

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The dates for pick up are estimated and can change daily due to weather conditions, equipment problems or unanticipated heavy leaf accumulation in any given area. Please check this schedule regularly for updates before you put your loose leaves out to the curb. Only loose and bagged leaves are picked up. Do not mix yard waste in with leaves.

Town of Clarkstown 10 Maple Avenue, New City, NY 10956 (845) 639-2000
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