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Street Name City
Loose Leaf Route #
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(A listing of all streets on your route)
Babbling Brook Ln Valley Cottage
Babcock Ave Nanuet
Badger St New City
Baker Ln New City
Balchen Ter New City
Baldwin Ct Congers
Baldwin Pl New City
Balmoral Dr New City
Balsam Ct New City
Balter Rd New City
Baltic Ct New City
Banta Pl New City
Barbara Rd New City
Bardonia Rd Bardonia
Barnstable Ct New City
Barry Ct Valley Cottage
Barry Ln Bardonia
Basswood Ct Bardonia
Bayberry Ln Valley Cottage
Baylor Rd New City
Beacon St Congers
Beatrice Ln New City
Beaumont Dr New City
Beauregard Ter Congers
Beaver Ct New City
Beech St Nanuet
Beechwood Dr Congers
Bel Aire Ter New City
Belle Haven Ct West Nyack
Belleville Dr Valley Cottage
Bellows Ln New City
Bellview Dr Valley Cottage
Bellwood Dr New City
Ben Wild Rd Nanuet
Bender Rd New City
Benson Ave West Nyack
Benton Ct New City
Berkshire Dr New City
Berry Ct Congers
Beth Ln Congers
Beverly Pl New City
Birch Dr (Buckingham Rd to Poplar Street) Nanuet
Birch Dr (Poplar St to Ludvigh Rd) Nanuet
Birch Ln New City
Birchwood Ave Nanuet
Birchwood Ct Valley Cottage
Birchwood Ter Nanuet
Bittern Dr Nanuet
Bittman Ln New City
Blauvelt Ave Nanuet
Blauvelt Rd Nanuet
Blauvelt St Nanuet
Bliss Ln Valley Cottage
Blithe Ct Valley Cottage
Blue Heron Rd Nanuet
Blue Jay Cir New City
Blue Willow Ln New City
Bluebird Dr Congers
Bobwhite Ln West Nyack
Boecher Ct New City
Bonnie Ln New City
Bontecou Ln New City
Bow Ct West Nyack
Boxberger Rd Valley Cottage
Bradley Dr New City
Branchville Rd Valley Cottage
Brenda Ln Bardonia
Brenner Dr Congers
Brentwood Dr New City
Brettman Cir New City
Brewery Rd New City
Brewery Rd West Nyack
Brianna Ct Nanuet
Briar Pl Nanuet
Briar Rd Nanuet
Briarcliff Rd New City
Briarwood Dr New City
Bridle Ln Nanuet
Brighton Ln New City
Bristol Ct New City
Britta Ln New City
Brittany Ct Valley Cottage
Broadlyn Ct Bardonia
Brook Ln New City
Brook Rd New City
Brookdale Ct West Nyack
Brookhaven Ct Nanuet
Brookhill Dr West Nyack
Brookline Cir New City
Brookline Way New City
Brookridge Ct Valley Cottage
Brookridge Dr Valley Cottage
Brookside Ave New City
Brookside Ave Valley Cottage
Brookside Dr Nanuet
Brookway Ave Valley Cottage
Brookwood Ln New City
Broome Blvd Central Nyack
Broward Dr New City
Buckingham Rd Nanuet
Buena Vista Rd New City
Bull Run West Nyack
Burda Ln New City
Burgundy Ln New City
Burnside Ave Congers
Burts Rd New City
Bush Ct New City
Butler St Congers
Buttermilk Falls Ln Central Nyack
Butternut Ln Nanuet
Buttonwood Ct Congers
Byron St New City

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The dates for pick up are estimated and can change daily due to weather conditions, equipment problems or unanticipated heavy leaf accumulation in any given area. Please check this schedule regularly for updates before you put your loose leaves out to the curb. Only loose and bagged leaves are picked up. Do not mix yard waste in with leaves.

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