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Wednesday, November 5, 2014 – 7:00 pm

Town Hall Auditorium









    Proposed Town of Clarkstown Budget for 2015


PH-2:   If required: Proposed Local Law entitled “A Local Law to Override the Tax Levy Limit established by General Municipal Law §3-C


PH-3:   Proposed Local Law entitled:  “Amendment to Chapter 18 (Code of Ethics) of the Code of the Town of Clarkstown.




(Limited to 3 minutes per person)




1.      Accepting Minutes of the September 30, 2014 Town Board Meeting, as submitted by the Town Clerk


2.      Denying Reallocation Request pursuant to CSEA Contract – Article VIII, Section 5


3.      Awarding Bids:

a.      Bid #16A-2014 – Sewer Rehabilitation – Gravity Sewers for NYS Route 303, West Nyack; Waters Edge, Congers; Pineview Avenue Easement, Bardonia; Aberdeen Drive, West Nyack.

b.      Bid #28-2014 – Liebert Environmental Control System


4.      Authorizing the Purchasing Agent to Advertise for the following:

a.      Bid #1-2015 – Athletic and Recreation Supplies

b.      Bid #2-2015 – Fireworks Display

c.      Bid #3-2015 – Pool Chemicals

d.      Bid #4- 2015 – Athletic Field and Turf Maintenance

e.      Bid #5-2015 – Groundskeeping and Landscape Supplies

f.       Bid #6-2015 – First Aid/Safety Supplies

g.      Bid #7-2015 – Operation of Food & Refreshment Concession Stands at Town Parks

h.      Bid #8-2015 – Work Clothing

i.       Bid #9-2015 – Highway Signing and Road Maintenance Supplies

j.       Bid #10-2015 – Bus Transportation –Senior and Youth Trips


5.      Authorizing the Director of the Department of Environmental Control to retain the services of a contractor to perform improvements to the drainage system on Old Haverstraw Road, Congers


6.      Authorizing Execution and Acceptance of Maintenance Agreements:

a.      Shields Property Subdivision (Tax Map 64.18-3-2.1, 2.2, 2.3)

b.      Jehovah’s Witnesses Site Plan (Tax Map 64.06-2-40)


7.      Rescinding Resolution No. 366-2014 regarding No Parking signage


8.      Authorizing the installation of a “STOP” sign and “STOP” line on Wesel Rd and Fulton St., Nanuet


9.      Authorizing a partial refund of Building Permit fee to Richard Vasquez (Tax Map 51.15-1-11)


10.   Accepting Easement for General Municipal purposes along Landmark Drive, New City


11.   Referring and Setting a Public Hearing regarding the proposed abandonment and/or demapping of a portion of Landmark Drive (FKA Long Clove Road) New City and amendment to the Official Map


12.   Removal of snow on undedicated streets in the Town of Clarkstown

13.   Authorizing the following Personnel Changes:
a)  Appointment: Denise Cummings, Principal Clerk Typist (Promotional/Permanent) – Parks and
     Recreation Department.
b)  Creation:  Registry Clerk-Typist in Town Clerk’s Office
     Appointment: Maureen Landro, Registry Clerk-Typist (Promotional/Provisional), Town Clerk’s         

c)  Appointment:  Jeanette A. McCormack, Clerk (Part Time) – Parks &  Recreation Department.
d)  Appointment:  Karen Amatuzzo, Clerk (Part-Time) – Parks & Recreation Department.
e)  Resignation (Retirement):  Mark S. Hamilla, Police Officer – Clarkstown Police  Department
f)  Appointment: Crossing Guard (Substitute) Stephen A. Jamieson, Clarkstown Police Department


14.   Authorizing Work at Town Parks/Ballfields




15.   Authorizing Settlement of the following Tax Certiorari Matters:
a) OM Realty Associates, LLC (Tax Map No. 35.20-1-5)
b) Davanne Realty Co. (Tax Map No. 59.18-1-10)
c) College Avenue, Inc. (Tax Map No. 64.5-2-21)


16.   Town of Ramapo Referral – Pascack Ridge


17.   Authorizing the following Personnel Changes:
a)  Appointment:  John M. Fredericks, Police Sergeant (Permanent), Clarkstown Police Department.
b)  Appointment:  Earl F. Lorence II, Police Sergeant (Permanent), Clarkstown Police Department.
c)  Appointment:  Daniel M. Burke, Police Sergeant (Permanent), Clarkstown Police  Department.
d)  Appointment: Kenneth A. Smith, Police Lieutenant (Permanent), Clarkstown Police Department.


18.   Authorizing Preparation of Preliminary Appraisals for the following Tax Certiorari Matters:
a)  19 Old Nyack Turnpike Corp. (Tax Map No. 57.19-1-16)
b)  Sharon Wong (Tax Map No. 52.8-1-3)


19.   Authorizing Accepting Funds and Amending Budget


20.   Amending 2014 Budget pursuant to Section 115 of the Town Law


21.   Amending Resolution No. 181-2014 with regards to the West Nyack Hamlet Center Revitalization


22.   Authorizing the Supervisor to enter into an agreement with New York State to accept a grant with respect to Local Government Records Management


23.   Authorizing an agreement with Hudson Archival for records digitization project of payroll records for the Town in accordance to the Local Government Records Management grant received from the State


24.   Authorizing funds for the following:


a.      Acquisition of a parcel of land pursuant to eminent domain proceeding

b.      Improvements to the computer room air conditioning system at Town Hall

c.      Improvements to the drainage system on Lakewood Drive, Congers

d.      Preparation of plans and specifications in connection with the proposed improvements to the Germonds Park pool facility

e.      Improvements in connection with the West Nyack Downtown Revitalization Project




(Limited to 3 minutes per person)



Immediately following Town Board Meeting

AGENDA (tentative)


Police Matters:

Chief Michael Sullivan to present



Additional items may be added to this agenda

***To View Actual Resolutions, go to Town Clerk’s Website, Click on Legal Matters***


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